Buying VS Renting a Home

If you set out to find out the pros and cons of buying or renting a home, the response you get will vary depending on who provides the answer. A mortgage broker will also respond according to ho is asking. One can argue that it pays to own a home because of long-term gain that comes with it, but on the flip side, a broker with Owemanco will expose you to the rules guiding ownership of a home and help you to make an informed decision.


A cursory check at Real Estate sites for home listing will provide a snapshot of homes and prices for an idea of what amount to have for buying a home or settle for a rent. This discussion on Pros and Cons of buying or renting a home should be an eye opener for you to decide what to start considering.


Pros of Buying vs. Renting a Home

Mortgage borrowers with Owemanco will attest to the fact that the homebuyers’ lending rules can be daunting but the prospect of becoming a homeowner brings everlasting joy. But if you are on short work relocation with a family elsewhere, renting a home makes a perfect idea. Let’s consider some pros and cons of buying versus renting a home to know where to pitch your tent.

  Home buying Home renting
Pros –          Home value will appreciate and provide a high return on investment with more profit for the owner.

–          It’s a legal property that offers more freedom for the owner.

–          Freedom to do what you like on your property which a tenant cannot dare.

–          Your home can be a source of income (rent for money).

–          Improved creditworthiness as the owner repays the mortgage.

–          Opportunity to get lump sum through home refinance for significant investment.

–          It offers collateral as Security for family and another financing.    –

–          No need to pay homeownership tax with the opportunity to save more.

–          Freedom to move anywhere you like. You can travel without worrying about the mortgage payment.

–          The flexibility of expenditure. If the current apartment becomes costly, you can get a better one for less.

–          No need to worry about real estate crash. Even when it rises beyond your expectation, you can change location.

–          Investment diversifications as you are not tied to any mortgage debt servicing and no need to panic in case of a natural disaster affecting homes.

Cons –          Spending the better part of your existence to pay a mortgage isn’t a child’s play.

–          Payment of lease for the home is tough, in the first few years, for homeowners because of so much is competing with so little resources.

–          High-interest rate and mortgage broker commission all make the pressure for buying a home so much for the owner.

–          Ongoing cost means you have to meet your rental obligation whether there is money or not.

–          The amount spent on renting homes when put together can make you a homeowner, but you are still a renter chasing after real-estate agents every year.

–          You can make changes to the rented apartment without legal problems.


There are good and bad situations for buying versus renting a home. But it depends on what you want. Visit Ontario Wealth Management Corporation and talk to a mortgage broker for a possible mortgage with Owemanco.

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