Are Real Estate Agents Worth it In the Age of Google?

Almost every walk of life is receiving technology attention to make life better and give the machine some level of responsibility to take over roles hitherto handled by humans. The Google application is finding prominent roles in real estate such that threatens the positions of humans in the value chain, especially the part of the real estate agents. The question is, can Google eliminate the role of estate agents Real Estate Bridge lending?


Real estate consists of land, buildings both movable and immovable properties along with natural resources including minerals, water, and crops. The collectivity of real estate elements come under buying, selling and leasing managed under the profession of real estate professionals. The real estate agents are players who work with the established realtor like in Canada on behalf of the buyer and sellers to buy, sell, or lease a property for a commission.


Of course, technology has taken over many middlemen jobs. As technology improves, more jobs are threatened as the roles they play in the value chain become obsolete as customers can find a better alternative by using technology as is the case in airline and ticketing where a traveler can search online, make bookings and payment without the help of an agent. But considering the nature of real estate and its importance to the customer whether selling, buying or leasing a property, he needs to follow proper legal representation and details that involves a lot of documentation that only experienced and knowledgeable people can safely handle. Real Estate Bridge lending for instance where a customer needs short-term loan can best be handled by a real estate agent who understands what’s involved.


A real estate agent is a trained professional tutored in rudimentary practices of handling real estate deals. He acts for real estate buyer or seller and plays active roles in property listing, interviewing prospective clients, helps clients make an informed decision and draw up real estate documents to seal a deal and get contracts done. He handles property inspection and plays an active role in wealth management for real estate investors. He can professionally interact with professional wealth managers such as Owemanco to negotiate mortgages and Real Estate Bridge lending to help his clients get a reasonable deal.


What the homeowners need is more than the cost of buying a property, they need to deal with renovations at some points, and they understand this to be a critical matter they do not have the skill to make an informed decision. Even when making a choice of the property to buy, while a may list the property they want, or when Owemanco has the real estate bridge lending there is need to negotiate and draw up documents which requires a knowledgeable real estate agent to walk them through to avoid regrettable actions in the future.


Canadian real estate, like in other parts of the world, is well regulated and it needs skills and knowledge to deal with necessary documents to close a real estate deal. The client understands that buying a property is a serious business because it’s a lifetime decision. For these and many other reasons, the real estate agent is still relevant despite being in the age of Google.


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